Friday, September 18, 2009

Red Wiggler Worms Castings as Fertillizer

Red Wigglers' fertilizer vs Chemical fertilizer

Worm Composting with the use of Red Wiggler worms is a very effective way to enhance the quality of plant life in your garden. A small amount of worm compost from your Red Wiggler Worms on your home garden plants will assure you of a healthy, lively garden; a garden that will be a sight for anyone and everyone.

If you find yourself looking at your thin, withering plants and wondering what is wrong, then the answer could possibly be your chemical fertilizer.

Advantages of Using Red Wiggler Worms’ Castings

The first advantage of Red Wiggler worms' castings used as fertilizer over chemical fertilizer is the price tag. Red Wiggler Worms – the producers of nutritious castings – can come free if you know where to look for them. These little critters can be usually found in cool, shady areas, hiding beneath a fallen log or a pile of leaves; farms are very good sources of Red Wigglers. On the other hand, the most popular chemical fertilizer comes at $4.99 per 1.5 pounds – more expensive than Red Wiggler worms.

Some studies also show that the natural organic fertilizer cost per season is $0.05/sq.feet which is reasonably less than chemical fertilizer which costs $0.15/sq.feet per season. This analysis was based on the retail prices of the products. A lot more of your money can be saved if you bought organic fertilizer at wholesale price! With all these information put into consideration, we can safely say that going all natural with organic fertilizer from composting worms can cost you less of a penny than chemical fertilizers.

Another advantage of using organic fertilizer is that it produces more tasteful and appealing products. People who buy organic food claim that these taste better than non-organic food. Studies also support this claim. Some researchers claim that organically raised produce contain 30% more antioxidant and/or phenolic content as compared to chemically raised produce. Also, specific vitamins, antioxidants or flavonoids have been found to be at increased levels in organically raised produce as compared to conventionally raised produce. These elements are what we perceive as flavor in organic food when we consume them, thus we say that they taste better. Antioxidants aid our bodies in the fight against cancer and have also been found to be a natural enhancer of the body.

Red Wiggler Worms Solidify Their Case

It is undoubtedly true that the use of organic fertilizer made out of wastes from Red Wigglers provide us with more benefits as compared to the use of chemical fertilizers.

First of all, using organic fertilizer from Red Wiggler Worms enhances plant life and soil quality. It also costs a lot less than chemical fertilizers, and this is important as the economic crunch is taking its toll on the market. Having compost tumblers for worm composting is a very cheap prospect and very sustainable too.

All in all, including Red worms to your organic gardening supplies is a very agreeable situation. There is minimal cost and maximum return. There is minimal risk and maximum potential. So, why not switch to worm composting with Red Wiggler worms?